We are diligently and sustainably achieving
excellence in all that we do

Our Commitment

Our commitment towards sustained excellence includes our efforts to benefit the communities we work with. We operate through charitable donations, volunteering and by building a responsible business that abides by an essential set of social and environmental policies.

We collaborate with community groups to support public policies that promote economic and societal development, while respecting local cultures.

Aurobindo’s sustainability charter covers the following intervention areas:

  • Promoting education
  • Supporting preventive healthcare
  • Eradicating hunger, poverty and malnutrition
  • Making safe drinking water available
  • Encouraging environment sustainability
  • Sustaining ecological balance and conservation of natural resources
  • Encouraging rural sports
  • Setting up old-age homes

As part of our societal commitment, we support neighbourhoods with educational aids for school children and construct toilets and facilities for the provision of safe drinking water. Our primary focus is to promote education, encourage good health, provide safe drinking water and support sanitation.

CSR Policy