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AuroZymes is the biocatalysts division of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.AuroZymes develops and produces biocatalysts for use in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. These biocatalysts were originally developed for use internally but are now available for use by our customers.

Win with Biocatalysts:

Our mission is:

  • Our mission is to produce scalable bio catalytic solutions for use in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Fine Chemical Industries, by reducing the cost of goods in processes, whilst benefitting from Green Technology
  • Our dedicated AuroZymes team integrates seamlessly with the highly experienced technical base within our parent company Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.
    Building on the Aurobindo reputation which has been established over the last 25-years, we aim to deliver high quality bio catalytic solutions.
  • Our Biocatalysts are scalable and we have processes running at 5000L that utilize this technology. Seamless integration with AuroSource further facilitates subsequent chemical manufacturing and product formulation, as required.Our high quality low cost manufacturing assets enable us to deliver the intended product at the right price.



AuroZymes is supported by a state-of-the-art R&D division housed in a sprawling 21 acres campus in Pashamylaram, Hyderabad with a built-up area of over 550,000 square feet over five floors. With significant experience of API commercialization (over 240 projects successfully completed) the research team is completely attuned to your business needs.

Technical Capabilities

Molecular Biology

  • Gene identification
  • Protein
  • Strain
  • Bio-Catalysts
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Technical Transfer

Micro and Molecular biological Equipment

  • PCR, Protein Purification Systems,
  • Multi-mode reader,
  • Electrophoretic and Gel documentation systems,
  • Cell disruptors (Solicitors/Homogenizers)
  • High speed refrigerated centrifuges
  • Incubator Shakers
  • Optimization using small scale parallel bench-top-scale bioreactors
  • Simultaneous and long-term fermentations
  • Continuous and batch fermentations
  • Downstream processing (centrifugation, ultrafiltration, and freeze-drying

How do we win with bio-catalysts?

With an in-house culture collection of over 2000 strains, access to commercial sources and guided by the use of bioinformatics to exploit the explosion of literature in this area, we pride ourselves in our ability to identify the right biocatalyst for your application. We optimise protein production from the cell (if required).The process is then developed using our small scale, parallel bench-top bioreactors, followed by a 10L laboratory fermentation, prior to moving to the next scale.

Our Approach

We use high speed cloning through our Versatile Expression System

  • 50% reduction in the time required to clone and express active proteins
  • Expression of genes in different bacterial and yeast host without need for further cloning
  • Inducible and constitutive expression of proteins

Our Services

AuroZymes is flexible to your business and technical needs, and we have developed a range of services which can be accessed either individually or as a package. Please select the service you wish to consider.

We can help you through the development cycle of your product and have the capacity to increase production as your requirements grow.

We can provide your biocatalyst product formulated in a way that suits your manufacture as resting cells/cell pellet, isolated lyophilized enzyme or your product manufactured in a fed batch fermentation.

A summary of our services is provided below

  • Screening of chemical transformations
  • Invention of new routes utilizing biocatalysts
  • Development and scale up of biochemical processes
  • Supply of AuroZymes Enzyme screening panels
  • Supply of AuroZymes biocatalysts to support any scale of manufacture from mg to 100s tones
  • Strain engineering and Fermentation development
  • Fermentation Development

Our Technology

We have built our technology portfolio through in-house development and by collaboration with other technology providers. The following is now available either as a product sale or as a service.

Our Toolbox

  • Hydrolase
  • Alcohol Dehydrogenase
  • Nitriles
  • Nitrile Hydratase
  • Transaminase
  • Amidase
  • P450
  • Ene reductase