Home Strategic Alliance Partner Benefits

Aurobindo Pharma promises the outsourcing partner benefits that are both commercial and qualitative. Some of the notable features of this arrangement are:

  • Strict confidentiality and utmost secrecy is maintained through absolute adherence to the non-disclosure clause.
  • Efficient supply chain management and optimal utilization of capacities, enabling Aurobindo Pharma to pass on substantial cost benefits to its customers.
  • Aurobindo Pharma, a pioneer in Chemical Research, is a stickler for deadlines. Recently, the Company commercialized an API involving a 14-step process with five chiral centers in just 13 weeks.
  • A huge library with syndicated databases and the latest software ensures quick and efficient literature/patent survey and retrieval of information.
  • Multi disciplinary project teams interface with the customer from the start, to ensure a seamless integrated approach. Their responsiveness enables rapid execution of projects.
  • Besides conforming to cGMP and cGLP, due attention is given to Safety, Health & Environment aspects.
  • The Company has harnessed the latest in communication technology - dedicated server, video conferencing, tele-conferencing,etc to ensure constant communication throughout the life of the project.
  • A right mix of instrumentation and production expertise ensures due emphasis on profiling, characterization of compounds, and reduction in impurities, chiral resolution and impurity profiling. All these ensure the highest quality of deliverables and yield optimization.