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Our Nutraceutical products manufacturing is supported by technologically advanced research and development infrastructure which develops new products and is engaged upto the delivery of products to the market.

We have eight state-of-the-art formulation manufacturing facilities located in India, USA and Brazil.

The API research division is housed in a sprawling 15-acre campus with a built up area of over five hundred thousand square feet which houses both chemical and analytical research along with a kilo lab. With experience of commercializing over 200 APIs, the research team is completely attuned to our growth aspirations. Committed to quality, safety and the environment, five of our manufacturing facilities have been inspected and approved by the US FDA, UK MHRA, TGA Australia, ANVISA and other reputed regulatory agencies.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants ensure that we deliver quality and scale. We have successfully integrated our capabilities and capacities to deliver a wide product portfolio that caters to the needs of diverse markets. Aurobindo operates dedicated facilities for some nutraceutical products and does strategic outsourcing of various natural & botanical ingredients from validated manufacturing partners.

Manufacturing is backed by warehousing systems that offer ambient control room temperature (CRT) and cold rooms. API plants are equipped by site dedicated quality control laboratories.