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Board of Directors
Independent Director & Non-Executive Chairman Mr.K.Ragunathan,
Independent Director & Non-Executive Chairman
Wholetime Director & Vice Chairman Mr. K.Nityananda Reddy,
Wholetime Director & Vice Chairman
Wholetime Director Mr. P.V.Ramaprasad Reddy,
Non-Executive Director

Wholetime Director Dr. M.Sivakumaran,
Wholetime Director
Wholetime Director Mr. M. Madan Mohan Reddy,
Wholetime Director
Managing Director Mr.N.Govindarajan,
Managing Director

Independent Director Mr. M.Sitarama Murthy,
Independent Director
Independent Director Dr. D. Rajagopala Reddy,
Independent Director
Non-Executive Director Mr.P.Sarath Chandra Reddy,
Non-Executive Director